MONKIND is a family-run kid’s wear brand based in Berlin that exclusively uses locally-sourced organic materials. Sustainability is our focus in all stages of development and we produce in both our flagship studio/store in Berlin and our nearby GOTS-certified production facility.

We concentrate on the structure, the cut, the design, the overall aesthetic message, and aim to create something subtle, functional and timeless. Through original pattern and textile designs and our professionally trained and finely honed aesthetic, we are able to create simple, innovative and stylish children’s clothes that are fun for parents and children alike.

The designer and lifeblood of MONKIND is Valeria. She was born in the former Soviet Union into a professional artistic family and was taught from birth the importance of the aesthetic and the relevance of composition, and soon became one of her home city’s most promising art and fashion students. Around five years ago, with the birth of her first child, Valeria naturally began to make clothes for him, which rapidly became a passion and culminated in her decision to create a kid’s wear label, thus MONKIND was born.